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6 December 2022

The Nativity Rehearsals

I am so proud of the children of Upper School for all their hard work and dedication towards the rehearsals of our school nativity play this Christmas. They have all learnt the songs, learnt their lines, performed with confidence and sat so patiently whilst the Lower School children practised the...

6 December 2022

STEM Towers

Middle school used their STEM brains to complete a challenge - who could make the tallest tower using only sellotape and newspaper? The children were put into groups with three roles: builders, engineers and architects. The architects drew out the designs and ensured their team stuck t...

4 December 2022

Structures - Strengthening Materials

Well, we had a LOT of fun in our second DT lesson this week as the children investigated which shaped structure was the strongest!  I asked the children to think back to Lesson 1 we and discussed the following terms and examples of each: Stability – When somethi...

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